IMG_20180615_111046_892Hey, friend. Thanks for being here. Hestia Speaks is a blog about simplifying life so you can enjoy the good stuff. It’s about stating your intentions and creating a life that is vibrant and fulfilling. It’s about discovering the bits of goodness in the day-to-day that have been there all along. It’s about learning to find joy in the sound of your dog’s tail going thump thump on the hardwood floor or watching cream swirl in your coffee before you jump into your morning commute.

This blog is all about slowing down and learning how to shed the things that block you from thriving. I aim to teach others while I teach myself. Everything is a process, and this one is unfolding.

On this blog, I focus on intentional living and mindfulness, reducing my waste and impact through the wisdom of the Zero Waste Movement, and adopting minimalist habits to clear up my mental and physical space.

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