Hello to you! I’m Natassja. I’m so glad that you are here.

My heart and home is in the Pacific Northwest where I work as an emergency dispatcher by night, and freelance writer by day. I’m a dog mom, ecstatic dancer, bird nerd, tree admirer, goddess worshiper, wild food forager, and herbal medicine enthusiast. I love craft beer, but a nice cup of tea is even better.

Hestia Speaks is a project of passion. Through the words that I write onto these digital pages I hope to offer inspiration and ideas to help my readers live a healthier and more inspired life. I post wildcraft guides featuring various plants that can be foraged from the wild (and sometimes even in the heart of a city), herbal remedies, ideas about growing your own food and herbs, and other flights of fancy.

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Natassja Cassinerio
Email: natassja.cassinerio@gmail.com