Adriene Mishler Is The Hero Low Income Yogis Need

Don’t Let Money Be A Barrier to Your Yoga Practice


It’s impossible to describe the transcendent feeling I get from a good group yoga class. There’s something magical about the gently lit room and all the lovely humans moving and smiling and breathing deeply together. I get pumped about the fact that each person in the room showed up as a devotion to themselves; it’s inspiring. It makes me want to show up for myself more often.

I’ve been to studios on and off for the past ten years. Since my first experience, I knew that yoga was for me. At the height of my practice, I’d often weep in class when I could finally feel the connection between my body and my higher self. It’s a feeling that I must work for and nurture with calm intensity every day or it high tails it out of my life quicker than my savings account can empty.

It’s always been tough to devote myself to a regular practice due to my inability to pay studio fees. Being a full time freelance writer means that my life vacillates between feast and famine. I have no guarantees about my income. I must prioritize my basic needs before I can tend to my spiritual and bodily needs, as vital as they are.

Luckily, the whole blissful world of yoga opened up to me for free when I discovered Adriene.


Yoga With Adriene

Adriene Mishler of Yoga With Adriene with her dog Benji

You might have encountered Youtube’s Adriene Mishler, who produces incredible, heart-centered yoga videos. She’s kind of a big deal in the yoga world.

While Adriene obviously can’t provide a studio experience, she does a great job of pouring honesty and intention into her videos–they feel deeply personal and as an instructor, she feels nothing but authentic.

Adriene cracks jokes that make me giggle on my mat. She reminds me to lighten up, to stop being so serious. She also pushes me into moments of self-analysis by asking relevant and insightful questions that help me tune into the connection between my feelings and my body.

Adriene encourages us to find our edge and to sit with it.

Above All Else, Yoga Should Be Inclusive

Adriene Mishler

There is a myth going around that yoga is all about fitness. If you’re one of the many folks who thought so, no worries–I thought so too, once.

When we view yoga as a tool to get that beach bod, we miss out on all the juicy self-development and body-mind awareness that comes from a regular practice.

Fitness is a wonderful side effect of yoga, but it should not be the goal. The awareness, love, and understanding that I have gained from yoga is the real meat of it, at least to me.

Adriene creates videos that are inclusive. She encourages participants to use props to ease into poses safely and comfortably, to play around, and to find what feels good for each of our bodies. She reminds us that everyone will experience each pose differently depending on our physical composition and what emotional baggage we bring to our mat that day. Adriene offers pose modifications, chair yoga, and varying levels of difficulty to suit a range of people.

So, if you love yoga, or you’re curious about yoga, or you thought that yoga was inaccessible to you due to lack of funds, go check out Adriene! You too can benefit from this deliciously fun practice.

Yoga is for all!

>Yoga With Adriene on Youtube.


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