Mental Decluttering Is Just As Important As Getting Rid Of Physical Things

Prioritize what serves you and ditch the rest.

I thought I understood that concept fully when I first dove into mininalism.
It hasn’t been until recently that I realized I only participated in the aspects of minimalism that were easy and natural to me.

Get rid of excess possessions? Done. Integrate time-saving habits into my daily routine? Done. Organize my email inbox? Easy.

I thought that the other stuff, like saying “no” to obligations more often and purging my emotional clutter, wasn’t for my life. I thought I had all of that figured out and I didn’t need to think about it.

I thought, if I can simply get rid of as much stuff as absolutely possible, my life will get better. If only I didn’t have to spend time cleaning or thinking about how much stuff I have, I will get more done. If only I had a clear work space, I will finally live a fulfilling life.

Of course that’s not how it goes. What was I thinking?

I was robbing myself of so many beautiful moments of discomfort and growth and learning by skimming over the bits that weren’t immediately easy to me.
I focused my attention solely on the physical aspects of minimalism and slid right over the heart of it, which is the internal purge.

My fixation on the physical became its own obsession and took up the mental space that I had intended to clear for better things.

I fell in love with minimalism not for the aesthetics or the thrill of saving money, but to free up my time and my mind. I chose minimalism as my route to achieve my dreams because it made sense to me and fit into the life I want to live. However, like many before me, I forgot about the building blocks of happiness, and they have nothing to do with having or not having stuff.

I encourage you to look beyond the physical clutter and ask yourself:

Why aren’t you thriving right now?

If you aren’t thriving, it’s absolutely a problem and you must work on a solution without delay. Most likely, the reason isn’t your physical environment, but your internal one.

If you could thrive in your life right now, what would need to change?


  1. My wife and I have donated so many clothes and other items. It feels so freeing to purge and have less clutter. We love going to thrifts stores. Even curb picking. LOL But we always try to not let it get out of hand. We have so many clothing rooms in area churches that always need donations. This motivates us to get rid of stuff we don’t need or haven’t used.


    1. Thrift stores are my favorite! So much fun. I love the cycle of finding new great things and donating back the older stuff while you’re there.


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